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The Prosperity Mindset

The official Prosperity Project jumpstart guide. Achieve the life of your dreams! Learn how to switch your mindset and realize your goals.

Living a prosperous and abundant life is achievable by everyone. You will find an abundant, happy and fulfilling life once you are fully aware of your thoughts and of your ability to change your thinking process.

We’ve created this detailed and eye-opening guide that will explain how YOU can develop the wealth and prosperity-attracting abundance mindset you need to live a rich and fulfilling life:

  • 6 rules to living a Prosperous and Abundant Life
  • How to easily re-frame your thoughts to attract more Prosperity and Abundance
  • 8 habits that block you from achieving Prosperity, and how to transform them to create more opportunity
  • 5 things you should do daily to attract Prosperity and do more of what you love
  • 4 techniques to achieve more of what you want, and create an abundant, happy and fulfilling life!
  • and much, much more!

Make Choices Like A Champion

by Rick Stecker

Three Things You Must Know to Take on Tough Decisions and Triumph.

How important would it be for you to know you will make the right choices today, whether it’s working in your business, managing the home front, or developing with your relationships?

Champions, winners and top performers do it all the time, because they have mastered a secret formula that gives them an edge, and keeps them winning. Sheer talent and skill levels will vary, but in your arena you must be at your best today, and know you can do it again tomorrow.

This book coaches you on how to start making excellent choices right now. It’s more important today than ever before that your choices produce quality results from the get-go. Windows of opportunity are few. Margins are thin.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Learn the secret to reproducing your ‘right stuff’ every day.
  • Explore the internal system that keeps you on track, but sometimes throws you off.
  • Discover what champions do to keep on winning, even if they lose.
  • Find out more about who you are (Hint: It’s not what you do.).
  • Learn four goals that will keep you on target and always “crossing the gap.”

You won’t find information on making choices anywhere else that is this focused. Entries on Google might talk about determining your life path. Clips on YouTube cover making smart choices. Master sales mentor and speaker Brian Tracy mentions this message. Best-selling author and expert coach Brendon Burchard, touches on the decision-making topic. Motivational speakers in the Tony Robbins mold offer more of the same from broad perspectives.

This book describes a decision-making process that is practical, basic and down to earth. And it covers only a fraction of the pages you might expect. You get laser coaching on the decision-making process. The book uncovers the key points of that secret decision-making formula. You will move toward building a firm foundation for making champion-level choices that move you forward.

Available at in Paperback or on Kindle.

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